At Governance Level

The SA Foundation uses the Carver Policy Governance Model as its governing structure to complement its servant leadership culture, defined below.

The SA Foundation’s governance includes an organizational culture that is based on a 2-fold structure:

  • A business-like system that provides clear definitions on its consumers, products and social investors and that is structured with a non-profit charitable mandate to carry out, for the benefit of program participants who are represented by the young women and their children who come to the SA Foundation or to SA charitable organizations as a means to escape sexual exploitation/trafficking (the consumers), its vision and mission (the product), with the support of individuals (the social investors).

    SAF’s business-like system is supported by 3 levels of governance responsibility that are carried out by the leadership that abides by this governance structure. These 3 levels are the Voting Membership, the Board of Trustees and the Organizational Development Team (ODT). Such structures promote power with others versus power over others, while embracing the fact that governance itself is about power, control, authority and influence.

  • A Christian-based community framework that is developed as an internal community centered on faith and unity in Christ and based on personal recovery, a working community centered on the SA Foundation’s core values and mission, and a community connected to SA organizations internationally through the Certification and Accreditation programs and the SA Annual Conference.