Volunteer Your Time

The SA Foundation invites you to join our friends in the development of our ACT strategy in your city! Below are some of the ways you can contribute your time and talents! Please contact us to begin the process.


Active Participation

Fundraising & Events

  • Help with an existing fundraiser
  • Organize & host a new Fresh Start fundraiser in your community
  • Host a dinner
  • Help secure sponsorship/ auction items
  • Ticket sales
  • Gathering Volunteers
  • Helping at events (set up, hosting, take down etc.)
  • Help seek out grants and donations
  • Other ideas you may have!

Global Wonders

  • Sales (host handicraft booths, house parties, etc.)
  • Marketing (find stores, events, fair trade groups & other locations where we can sell/ display products)
  • Business development
  • Manual work (packaging, tagging, organizing, etc.)
  • Design & product development (input)
  • Other ideas you may have!


  • Marketing of the course Formation of Servants
  • Development of the Planned Giving program
  • Development of the Monthly Donor program
  • Involve your business
  • Other ideas you may have!

Community Education

  • Organize public speaking engagements for SA Foundation
  • Organize a Communicar Seminar (or take it online)
  • Join the development of the Informer newsletter (SAF’’s current news outlet)
  • Research for sexual exploitation & trafficking
  • Development of library of information about sexual exploitation & trafficking

Training & Equipping

  • Initiate the development of an SA franchise
  • Initiate the start up of or lead an SA Formation of Servants group
  • Become a mentor or sponsor
  • Assist in training & equipping

Prayer Initiatives

  • Join or initiate a prayer group
  • Organize local, national or international prayer vigils