Board of Trustees

The SA Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. They are very well acquainted with the SA Foundation’s core values, particularly in regards to servanthood, personal recovery, community and come from different walks of life and have various professional backgrounds.

The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to ensure, on behalf of its Voting Membership, that the vision and mission of the SA Foundation provides their intended benefit for its consumers and meets its intended social impact at the right cost. The Board is deemed to be a governing/working Board. The Board shall consist of at least 3 and at most 8 Board members.

The purpose of the Board of Trustees’’ job is to govern and manage the affairs of the SA Foundation. It is also to define on a yearly basis the Foundation’s position regarding its social return on investment (SROI) and to produce policies that not only deal with practices and methods, but situations and conduct as well (adapted from the Carver Policy Governance Model).

The Board of Trustees is also responsible for approving budgets, and developing and implementing, with the management team, the ongoing 5-year strategic business plan. It also hires and evaluates the Executive Director’s performance and appoints the auditor yearly.

To become a Trustee at the SA Foundation:

  • Trustees must have at least 1 year prior experience as a Voting Member in good standing
  • Trustees must ensure that they are available to commit the time requirement needed to fulfil their job descriptions
  • Paid staff and contract workers are not eligible for positions on the Board
  • In order to avoid Conflict of Interest, those holding business contracts, those that are major financial contributors ($ 10,000.00+/year) with the SA Foundation and those who have relatives working within the SA Foundation as paid staff/volunteers, are not eligible for a position on the Board

No remuneration shall be provided to Directors and Officers for the Board job. However, pre-approved expenses occurred on behalf of the Foundation shall be reimbursed.