Public Relations & Marketing

Public Relations Policy
At the SA Foundation, we do not use mainstream media techniques to promote our cause. Our public relations policy is designed to attract individuals seeking to be part of a solution to a global concern.

The SA Foundation welcomes well informed associates to recommend us!

It is when those outside the organization speak well and with conviction about our work and accomplishments that we truly benefit from publicity.

These concerned and well informed associates are encouraged to speak out about the successful recovery programs and services we offer to the young women and their children who are ready to leave sexual exploitation. They are also encouraged to partner with us locally, nationally and internationally to support our initiatives that aim at developing a systematic and effective intervention against the sex trade.

Our Scope
At the SA Foundation, we understand that we cannot be all things to all people. We also recognize that today, as in times past, there are numerous ways to provide support to sexually exploited and/or trafficked women and their children.

The SA Foundation is primarily concerned with recovery.

It is this vision that has propelled the development of our long-term comprehensive recovery program. This program offers young women and their children an opportunity to begin and maintain their personal recovery with the aim of becoming productive members of society.

Associates designated to deal with media are required to diligently adhere through their words and actions, when representing the SA Foundation, to refrain from providing an opinion on any issues unrelated to our program model of recovery.

Political Activities
The SA Foundation abides by CRA policies on political activities.

The Board, together with the management team, makes the decision on all marketing efforts. However, many volunteers offer their time and talents at this level.