Replicate Our SA Program Model

“Christian citizens of each country should stand against sexual exploitation in their own location. We believe that called Christian nationals who have been trained and mentored in the SA Program Model are the best to bring hope and recovery to these women and children in need.” ~ The SA Foundation Organisation Development Team (ODT)

Our long term goal is that no person be enslaved by the sex trade. No matter their stories and no matter where they are, they deserve an avenue of escape. We provide training through our World Services Division to national and international leaders to implement the SA Program Model within their own communities. We utilise our Vancouver operational program to assist with this experiential training.

Replication of Our SA Program Model:

1/ We plant our SA Program Model in developed, under-developed and developing countries.
This process includes leadership screening and assessment, training on governance structures, core values, operational structures and program delivery. When the SA Program Model is planted in under-developed and developing countries, the SA Foundation may provide funding for the program development and then re-assess the needs after this time.

2/ We provide partnership agreements to those that implement the SA Program Model.
Partnership with the SA Foundation consists of three tiered levels. As each level of partnership grows the level of services offered to the partner organization by the SA Foundation, and the level of relationship and interaction, increases.

If you are considering a partnership with us or would like to review the partnership levels, please CLICK HERE .