Helping women restore their lives after sex trafficking
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Give safety
Give safety refuge hope life _
the SA Foundation
exists to restore her
hope, dignity & freedom
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Women and girls escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation are finding healing and transformation with your help and active support. Be inspired. Be inspired.

Providing refuge, training and employment for women escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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Real strength. Women tell their stories of healing and hope. Listen to the audio of them sharing what’s meant the most to them in recovery.
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Discover the human trafficking crisis happening around the world

Your donations at work in 2023

Through our ministry partners, the SA Foundation’s Global Impact this past fiscal year included:
Estimated number of women served throughout our history in our global programs
New online courses are now available for training our global leaders
New teams: two in Italy, one in Philippines
Women and girls escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation are finding safety and freedom.

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News The first R of the SA Program Model "5 R's" stands for "REFUGE." Read more

Good news.

There are far, far better things ahead than anything we
leave behind.

*Quote by C.S. Lewis

*Quote by C.S. Lewis

What we offer women and
girls in recovery

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Front-line housing

A beautiful home with her own bedroom. A live-in volunteer house director creates a community of acceptance and belonging

Transitional housing

To support her development as she progresses to independent living. A volunteer housing support worker lives on site to ensure safety and problem solving

Recovery classes & care

Specialized curriculum and experienced facilitators ensure her specific recovery and physical health needs are met and addressed

Education & skill development

New learning opportunities and mentors to help equip and empower for her future

Long term support

A committed community desiring to provide ongoing support and mentorship to help her succeed outside of the program

Training & Employment

Opportunities for further professional development within different fields, helping to provide her with long term economic stability

The SA Program Model

Leaders around the world are partnering with us and adopting the SA Program Model.

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Empowering her for freedom.

Kimonos, masks, jewelry, clothing. Shop these ‘Products of Hope’ made by women trained though our skill development programs.
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Champions are taking action for freedom.
You can too.

“I support the SA Foundation because they are doing great work for women and their children escaping slavery, and are seeing lives transformed and set free. I love and believe in their values and how they serve the women long term. I am horrified by the injustice of sex trafficking happening in our world and want to be a part of the solution to seeing this injustice ended!”

B. Champion for Freedom
Together we stand for the freedom, life and liberty of girls and women that have been trafficked.
Champions for Freedom are individuals who are willing to put action to their outrage against the tragic crisis of human trafficking and sexual exploitation happening today across the world. Will you join us to be part of the solution?

Provide safety for her

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