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Learn about the
sex trafficking crisis and
the journey of recovery.

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We at the SA Foundation believe education is the first step in combating any social issue, and it is our desire that you will gain an insight into the realities of human trafficking and sexual exploitation through inviting us to share with you.

Communicar Seminar

Get equipped and inspired!

Request our training course, the Communicar Seminar. Engage online or as a one-day conference

Communicar Online

An excellent online and interactive training platform with feedback and support from our experienced leaders. This is a unique course designed for individuals or groups, to educate and equip you to be part of the solution to ending sex trafficking.

Communicar Conference

delivered as an in-person one-day conference where our experienced SA leaders will help your group move towards implementing solutions to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation in your own community.

If you desire to book a Communicar Seminar, please contact us to get started!

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Speaker topics

The Communicar Seminar can be taken in two different formats: Either in an online learning environment or by booking a conference.

The online learning format offers a course of approximately 6 hours duration, with eight short chapters that provide detailed information about:
  • Statistics and information about the cause of sexual exploitation and trafficking
  • Contributing factors to sexual exploitation
  • Recruitment, entrapment and trafficking
  • Warning signs that a child or teen is being targeted by a pimp or trafficker
  • The realities of street life
  • What the beliefs are of men who sexually exploit women
  • The effects of legalization
  • Issues surrounding recovery from sexual exploitation
  • The needs of women entering recovery
  • The recovery programs of the SA Foundation
  • The SA Foundation’s vision for long-term sustainability
  • How you can get involved through the A.C.T. Strategy

The in-person conference is conducted in a very interactive learning format and is an excellent way to involve and educate your community.

To sign up for the online learning course, simply contact us today. The online course costs $90.00 per person (group discounts are available). We will be happy to provide you with further information, answer questions you may have and get you set up with this online course.

If you desire to organize a one-day conference in your city or town, please contact us to get started!

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What people are saying

This course is certainly worth it! Excellent points and shocking statistics backed up by reliable sources.
Susan M., LCSW, San Diego, CA

This course promotes a deeper awareness of the issues and problems facing young women and children who are drawn into a life of exploitation. It deepened my awareness about the vulnerability of victims and I learned that it is sexual abuse of incredible magnitude!
Shirley S., Calgary, AB

The Communicar Seminar opened my eyes to the sexual slavery being conducted in our own country. I learned just how girls, right in our high schools, are lured into a life of trauma. Children and women are trafficked to and from Developed and Developing countries. If you are a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, or foster guardian, you need to take this course.
Edi G., Debolt, AB

Book a Speaker

Get your community engaged for justice!

Book a speaker to deliver a presentation or a message for your church community/ business/ school etc…

Within our staff we have experienced teaching pastors and communicators who are able to relate, sharing the message of human trafficking and the hope of recovery with you and your community whatever sphere of society you are within. This presentation can be in-person or online.

If you desire to book a speaker, please contact us to get started!

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What people are saying

It was great to have the SA present at our church, sharing with us the terrible reality of sex slavery happening right here in our neighbourhoods. We were so saddened to learn of this injustice, but inspired though the hope that SA Foundation offers women and girls needing an escape. As the church we need to be united in the pursuit of freedom that God so desires for all who are oppressed.
Justine, Tenth Church

Her Journey Tour

Personally experience Her Journey to Freedom!

Request our immersive “Her Journey Tour” for your community to get educated and inspired with what it takes for a young woman to go from a life of slavery to freedom. You will hear her story and journey alongside her to a life rewritten. This is an engaging and interactive event that can be delivered online or in-person.

If you desire to book the “Her Journey Tour”, please contact us to get started!

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What people are saying

Her Journey helped me understand the devastation of sex trafficking in a concrete way and changed the way that I think about those who are impacted by it. Allow yourself to be changed by the stories shared.
Mykeyla (a Champion for Freedom)

This tour was both informative and inspirational. It helped me to understand the darkness of exploitation but also the great light and hope of the work SA Foundation is doing, and How I can help be a part of the solution. Caitlin (a Champion For Freedom)

The tour helped me to understand the tremendous need for long-term recovery and a community that champions these women after experiencing the horrendous abuse of sex trafficking. I’m grateful for the opportunity to understand how I can support the work of freedom for these precious lives in my own city, and the world. Brendyn (a Champion for Freedom)

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