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Give safety
Give safety refuge hope life _

Women escaping sex trafficking are longing for hope, safety and a chance to live a meaningful life.

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The true cost of freedom

To provide every step a
mom and her child needs
to achieve freedom, it costs
an average of $2850 a month
in developed countries.
Some of the costs are,



A safe place for them to belong. A nurturing and safe living space.



Specialized programs for them to heal. Nurturing, safe places for them to learn and grow.



A strong community continually championing her.

Skill building


Our Skill Development Programs offer her a training platform tailored to meet her goals and needs.

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Your credit card information is processed securely in real time using the latest available encryption technology. Global donations are processed by Donor Perfect in Canadian dollars and tax receipts are issued to Canada and USA donations of $20 or more.

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