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Our Vision and Mission


Under the direction of a volunteer Board of Trustees, the SA Foundation initiates the development of programs and services for young women who have been, or are at risk of becoming, sexually exploited and/or trafficked.

The SA Foundation is one of few organizations internationally that offers a comprehensive and uniquely designed long-term recovery program for these young women, including those that are pregnant and/or have children.

The SA Foundation is a charitable organization registered in Alberta, Canada with inter-provincial status in British Columbia, Canada. The SA Foundation’s charitable number is 88900 6177 RR0001. All donations in Canada and the United States are tax deductible.

Supporters in the U.K. may donate through Stewardship via the link on the front page of our website


 Our Vision:

The SA Foundation is a Christian organization that delivers programs that are based on the principles of servanthood, personal recovery and community. Our long-term objective is that no person be enslaved by, or trapped in the sex trade


Our Mission:

The SA Foundation seeks to accomplish its vision by providing a way out for young women (and their children) that are able to escape the sex trade. The Foundation’s highly effective recovery program offers them a viable solution; therefore planting these programs in conjunction with charitable groups is our top priority! The SA Foundation subscribes to thinking globally and acting locally. Our Canadian and international programs are initiated at the community level and driven by community involvement. The SA Foundation Program Model is practical and culturally transferrable


Our History

The SA vision began in 1984 when the SA founder received her commission to begin the development of the SA Program Model, which was specifically designed to meet the unique long-term recovery needs of sexually exploited youth, women and their children. This pilot program soon grew and over eleven years expanded into a robust local program.

Considering the next step of growth, the SA founder and her team founded the SA Foundation (Servants Anonymous) Canada in Calgary, AB in 1995 in order to expand the SA Mission internationally.

Today, the SA Foundation continues to disseminate its program model worldwide and provides comprehensive assessment, training and ongoing mentorship for leaders undertaking the development of an SA Program Model in their country. For updates on where we work and our program model, please visit the ‘Our Work’ page



Board of Trustees

The SA Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. They are very well acquainted with the SA Foundation’s core values, particularly in regards to servanthood, personal recovery, community and come from different walks of life and have various professional backgrounds.

The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to ensure, on behalf of its Voting Membership, that the vision and mission of the SA Foundation provides their intended benefit for its consumers and meets its intended social impact at the right cost. The Board is deemed to be a governing/working Board. The Board shall consist of at least 3 and at most 8 Board members.

The purpose of the Board of Trustees’ job is to govern and manage the affairs of the SA Foundation. It is also to define on a yearly basis the Foundation’s position regarding its social return on investment (SROI) and to produce policies that not only deal with practices and methods, but situations and conduct as well (adapted from the Carver Policy Governance Model).

The Board of Trustees is also responsible for approving budgets, and developing and implementing, with the management team, the ongoing 5-year strategic business plan. It also hires and evaluates the Executive Director’s performance and appoints the auditor yearly.

To become a Trustee at the SA Foundation:

  • Trustees must have at least 1 year prior experience as a Voting Member in good standing
  • Trustees must ensure that they are available to commit the time requirement needed to fulfil their job descriptions
  • Paid staff and contract workers are not eligible for positions on the Board
  • In order to avoid Conflict of Interest, those holding business contracts, those that are major financial contributors ($ 10,000.00+/year) with the SA Foundation and those who have relatives working within the SA Foundation as paid staff/volunteers, are not eligible for a position on the Board
  • No remuneration shall be provided to Directors and Officers for the Board job. However, pre-approved expenses occurred on behalf of the Foundation shall be reimbursed.



Public Relations and Marketing

Public Relations Policy
At the SA Foundation, we do not use mainstream media techniques to promote our cause. Our public relations policy is designed to attract individuals seeking to be part of a solution to a global concern.

The SA Foundation welcomes well informed associates to recommend us!

It is when those outside the organization speak well and with conviction about our work and accomplishments that we truly benefit from publicity.

These concerned and well informed associates are encouraged to speak out about the successful recovery programs and services we offer to the young women and their children who are ready to leave sexual exploitation. They are also encouraged to partner with us locally, nationally and internationally to support our initiatives that aim at developing a systematic and effective intervention against the sex trade.

Our Scope
At the SA Foundation, we understand that we cannot be all things to all people. We also recognize that today, as in times past, there are numerous ways to provide support to sexually exploited and/or trafficked women and their children.

The SA Foundation is primarily concerned with recovery.

It is this vision that has propelled the development of our long-term comprehensive recovery program. This program offers young women and their children an opportunity to begin and maintain their personal recovery with the aim of becoming productive members of society.

Associates designated to deal with media are required to diligently adhere through their words and actions, when representing the SA Foundation, to refrain from providing an opinion on any issues unrelated to our program model of recovery.

Political Activities
The SA Foundation abides by CRA policies on political activities.

The Board, together with the management team, makes the decision on all marketing efforts. However, many volunteers offer their time and talents at this level.


Provide safety for her

Human Resources

The SA Foundation has a core value of creating a Fair Working Environment. This means that:

  1. We have a solid volunteer management, employee handbook and code of conduct in place.
  2. We have established a security manual and debriefing process for those going abroad for SAF business.
  3. We have a 3:1 rule which states that the highest paid employee may not receive more than 3 times the salary of the lowest paid employee.

Social Impact and Success Rate

The social impact of the SA Foundation is first noticeable on a global level: As SA Partner organizations are equipped and trained internationally by the Foundation, new program plants get up and running, offering services to greater numbers of young women and their children each year. From our records, we have determined that as of March 01, 2020, the social impact of the SA Foundation, both nationally and internationally, is estimated at 6000 women and 2000 children.

Ethnicities served in SA programs include:

First nations
South American

In addition to providing front-line and long-term services to young women escaping sexual exploitation worldwide, leaders of SA programs include in their mandate to educate others to the realities of sexual exploitation & trafficking.

Educational talks and awareness raising was provided to over 28,121 people that included: police officers, social workers, service providers, church members, business leaders, the general public and volunteers.

The hope of all the SA leaders is that young women would not be exploited in the first place. To this end, the following services were provided:

In Nepal 6,615 women received intervention and counseling at a border monitoring station In Hungary outreach has been provided to 500 women still in prostitution and prevention talks were provided to 975 youth in government homes

Replication is crucial for Social Impact as it transforms lives, communities and generations worldwide!

This global impact next has a ripple effect: No matter where an SA program model is located, it becomes instrumental in educating the helping professionals involved with sexually exploited/trafficked youth, women and their children!

Next, the community at large comes to appreciate the SA program model and welcomes it in their neighbourhood, and finally the funding community begins to see the benefit of long-term services and invest in the program.

All of this success leads to other cities desiring to implement the SA program model, bringing the social impact of the SA Foundation full circle!

When fully implemented, over a 3-year program period, the SA program model generates a steady success rate of over 70%. Success in SA programs is defined as program participants that:

Escape and stay away from all sexual exploitation and are no longer engaging in sexual solicitation
Remain drug & alcohol free
Live crime-free lifestyles
Maintain school and/or employment
Live independently and pay personal bills in a timely manner
Are emotionally stable to the point that emotional issues no longer interfere with day to day living
When applicable, parent adequately


Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Cost Effectiveness of the SA Program Model for Developed Countries:

According to an article in the Vancouver Sun in January, 2018 it costs taxpayers $12,574.00/month to keep a woman incarcerated and the cost of keeping a person on the streets in Vancouver according to VanCity’s training course on social enterprise (offered in 2012) is over $80,000.00 per person, per year.

Each year the SA Foundation’s Board of Trustees calculates the Social Return on Investment for the past year.

The SA Foundation’s SROI per program participant in Vancouver is $2,850.00/month.

This comparatively small amount of money gives each young woman coming to an SA program a way out of enslavement and provides a safe environment for herself and her child.

The Board of Trustees also evaluates yearly the effectiveness of each SA development by doing program reviews and training, thoroughly analyzing Formal Agreements that are in place.


The SA Foundation’s funding guidelines are structured to provide SA organizations with:

Start Up Costs
Capital Costs
Operating Costs
Training Grants


Admin and Fundraising Costs

The SA Foundation has consistently been under 15% of budget net revenue for administration, marketing and fundraising costs combined, and this since its inception.

Please review the latest Annual Report for the most up to date figures.

The fiscal year from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021, the SA Foundation hopes to raise $1,300,000.00 at an estimated cost of $90,000.00.



Granting Program

One of the SA Foundation’s roles is that of grant making. Good granting principles are necessary to benefit both the grantee and the Foundation. The hope is that the Foundation’s support will not only strengthen the grantee and its program participants but ultimately the communities that have been invested in. The Foundation benefits when those who have entrusted their funds to our Foundation are able to see the direct impact of their efforts towards the cause. This further motivates them to continue their fundraising efforts, encouraging them to invite others to join the fight against sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Based on our vision, the SA Foundation’s grant making focuses on funding its program models in developing or under-developed countries only. SA organizations must have received charitable designation by their country of origin and funding is extended through the development of legally binding Formal Agreements.

The SA Foundation structures its granting to facilitate teaching and mentoring to its SA organizations during their first five years of development, which strengthens them as they begin to interact with the funding community at large. At the SA Foundation, we set up each SA organizations to be autonomous, while at the same time maintaining the same set of core values that unite all SA charitable organizations with the Foundation in our common vision and mission.

The SA Foundation does not fund the following items:

Endowment Funds
Deficit Funding – Operating or Capital
Political Activities
Retroactive Fundings
Fund Raising Campaigns

The SA Foundation’s funding guidelines are structured to provide SA organizations with:

Start Up Costs
Capital Costs
Operating Costs
Training Grants


Annual Report and Financial Statement

For your convenience, we have put our latest fiscal year’s Annual Report up on the website. Click on the link below to read.

SAF Annual Report 2022

Please click below to view the latest Audited Financial Report:

Audited Financial Statement 2022


Provide safety for her

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