We love that companies/employers are doing all they can to help you make a difference and invest in the things you are passionate about. If social justice, ending slavery, mercy and hope are your passions then you are one of us and you belong to our community. At the SA Foundation we provide long term recovery programs for women and their children escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and we know it takes each and every one of us, whatever our resources, to help rewrite their stories from slavery to freedom. #ITSTARTSWITHME


Corporate Gift Matching:
Some employers match the donation you make to a non-profit organization, such as ours, often doubling the donation that you can give, allowing your gift to go even further. Find out if your employer has a gift matching policy and what requirements they need to process your gift. We will be happy to assist with needed details: please contact


Company Giving:
Donations made by companies to non-profit organizations are often administered directly or through their foundations. Schneider Electric,, through their Foundation & Philanthropy branch, has invited the SA Foundation to receive gifts through their employee donation program.

In addition, at this present time the SA Foundation is grateful to receive many donations through Benevity, and United Way, , provided that the donations are made out to the SA Foundation. Please find out their requirements to process your gifts in this manner. 

Thank you! Together, you and your employers/companies are helping to promote freedom, end slavery in our generation and transform communities across our world.