“The reason we do what we do, is because of the transformative power of love and hope. To see a woman’s life go from darkness to light, to see her enter into a place where she can finally see a hope and a future for herself and her child…there’s nothing more inspiring to me!” ~ AK an Intern at SA Foundation Vancouver

Read real life testimonies from the woman whose lives are being re-written day by day through the SA Foundation Program.

A’s Story – Rewritten! “Recovery Saved My Life and My Baby’s”

Tell us a bit about what sparked your desire to come to SA’s program of recovery?  

A: It wasn’t my initial plan at all. I was going to have my baby and go to transitional housing straight from the hospital, and the thought of being a part of a long term recovery program was crazy… Read More About A’s Story 




L’s Story of Hope

L was born in small family in a village outside Kathmandu. She was the oldest daughter of her family. When she was a child her family situation was good, but while she was growing her family started to be violent towards her and became dependent on alcohol…  Read More About L’s Story 


Read more inspirational stories in our latest issue of Cry of the Streets Magazine, written and published entirely by program participants attending the SA Foundation’s Recovery Programs worldwide.  

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