The SA Program Model — Her Ability to Replicate

“My daughter actually holds me accountable now because of the values she has seen in me and what I have replicated into her from the time she was a baby. These values and behaviours were developed during my recovery within the SA Program and onwards. If she sees that the standards I have set are not being adhered to, she challenges me to correct my behaviour! She continues to make me want to be a better person.”~ T, (Graduated Participant and Staff at the SA Foundation)

We can only replicate what we have been shown and taught.

The heart of what we do at the SA Foundation, as we journey with these broken and hurting women, is to see them restored and to be able to replicate their rewritten stories (new skills, beliefs and behaviors) into their children’s lives. Through their recovery journey each woman has been given the tools to do life differently than what their past experiences have taught them. For generational change and to stop the cycle of enslavement these moms must replicate all they have learned into their child’s life for there to be a new positive cycle started. This is the way these women actually become generation changers.

At the SA Foundation we support each woman’s ability to parent from day one, knowing these are tools they have never been shown or taught. We do this through classes on parenting skills, but also through demonstration. We share with them the tools they will need through showing them patience, kindness and mercy within an environment where love, respect and appreciation for all life is cultivated. These beliefs and behaviors are illustrated through our communities’ core values, our conduct, our words, our faith, our love and our ability to show grace. This environment and modeling give them a personal experience of these values and behaviors in action, which they can then implement in their own life. It also demonstrates to them what committed community and family look like, helping them to model and reflect that for their own child.

The hope we hold for every woman is that through the SA Program Model they would know their value and purpose, parent in a way that breaks the cycle of enslavement and have the ability and desire to replicate what they have learned to others.