Leave Your Mark: Leave a Legacy

Did you know that your actions today could have a lasting impact on the world tomorrow? You can be a history changer as you seek to steward your finances in a way that builds God’s Kingdom, ensuring the ongoing growth and advancement of justice and mercy throughout this world.

We at the SA Foundation, have a vision that wherever there are women and children sold into a life of slavery, we need to ensure they have an avenue of escape and an opportunity to heal. This is why it starts with each and every one of us, to know that their lives are just as valuable as ours, and that they need us to see them, to care and to provide a space and community for transformation to happen. #ITSTARTSWITHME

Imagine that your legacy gift actually could save women and children’s lives for generations to come.

Imagine that your gift helped show them that there is a God who loves and cares for them and that they are worth healing and restoration after sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Imagine if women and their children worldwide had the opportunity to rewrite their stories from slavery to freedom, because of your investment into their future. 

We are committed to each woman and child for the long term, so her life can be rewritten and she can discover her greater purpose and value. We know that you value and trust our organization to bring hope and restoration to the broken, as we seek to serve and live out the core values that God has entrusted to us. As we go, guided by Him, we see incredible beauty as His kingdom impacts ‘Her’ life and the surrounding communities. Would you invest in the generations to come throughout the nations, knowing that your gift has exponential power to turn the tides of injustice and set the captives free.

If you want to find out more about planned giving today, please email dominique@safoundation.com to discuss options for future investment.