The SA Program Model — Reintegrate

“This Program has helped me find myself again and with that comes confidence. I’ve realized that my past does not define me or put limits on what I can achieve. The skill development and education classes have prepared me in so many ways, and now 20 Years later I am going back to school! I’m excited as I know now I have a hope and a future.”  A, (Graduated Participant)

Freedom involves more than escaping harm, it means access to education, it means economic empowerment and it means the ability for her to be able to consistently provide for her family. This is true freedom!


Our Skill Development and Education Program offers each participant a unique training platform, where they get to develop transferable and practical life skills towards their economic stability and freedom. This is essential for each woman to succeed in seeing their life rewritten. 

For most participants this is their first introduction into a work/office environment. We cultivate an environment where professionalism is developed from the first day. This removes the fear they may have around school or work, since it is likely they were never given the opportunity to progress or succeed in these settings from an early age. We know each individual will have many barriers to reintegration because of this lack of access to education from the beginning of their life.

How the Skill Development and Education Program Trains HER For Freedom


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There are 3 Levels of our Skill Development and Education Program:

At each level the women are financially compensated, promoting real work experience and helping them to sustain their family each month, so they don’t have financial fear compromising their journey of recovery.  

In under developed and developing nations where we work there is no financial assistance from the government to the women, therefore the SA Foundation is committed to stand in this gap to ensure they are provided for and all their needs are met. We understand that often there is no one else to do this for them, which compromises their safety and freedom.

Level 1
The goal of this training level is to assess our participant’s needs for learning, while giving them the opportunity to practice new skills. This part of the day program allows them to develop routine and we observe small changes in character and behavior as they learn how to interact with others and maintain the healthy boundaries and structures set for professionalism to grow.

Working with their hands is therapeutic, especially as they have extremely high levels of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), so classes in sewing and jewelry making are great platforms to start this healing process and development. We also provide computer skills and academic classes at this stage.

After a suitable time period and development in character is seen, participants can progress to the next level of equipping and training.

Level 2
The goal at this next training level is that participants will be refining the skills acquired at level 1 that they have shown a desire to pursue, either in sewing and computer training or in educational upgrading. This progresses their development and options for their future, where they get to see their personal growth and start to channel their talents in a targeted way, building for their future.

Level 3
At this stage participants will have graduated from the recovery curriculum and levels 1 and 2 of the skill development curriculum. They can now apply for an internship with the Global Wonders Department, where all the skills learned previously are applied into the area of creative business development and management, production and marketing OR they can continue with their education and career development in the community with ongoing support from the SA Foundation. The outcome of this stage is for them to continue to develop excellent work ethic, decide the career path for their future and work towards building their skills to achieve this goal.

Overall Outcome of the Skill Development and Education Program:
We want every participant to be set up for success once living in the community. This means they are economically empowered to live financially free, where they are able to provide for themselves and their child without being forced back into a life of slavery. This is why we at the SA Foundation are committed to stay and journey with each woman to offer long-term services (upwards of 7 years), to help them overcome the many barriers they face to become financially independent and a contributing member of society.

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