At Organizational Level


To give clear direction to staff and volunteers, for the benefit of program participants, the SA Foundation has created a servant leadership culture at its organizational level that clearly defines boundaries, values and beliefs.

Core Values

At the organizational level, SA Core Values are intended to support the leadership of the SA Foundation and its organizations in developing the SA culture within the organization. These core values are translated into Principles to Live By and are to be implemented at all levels.

Philosophy of Ministry

As well, the SA Foundation has developed a very clear philosophy of ministry (or manner of doing business) that drives the way they interpret and enact their governance, fundraising/PR practices, financial management, program delivery and human resource management.

Within the SA Foundation and its organizations the philosophy of ministry is based on the following 4 assertions, which are based on the bible:

  1. All leaders are broken people in the process of being transformed.
  2. God calls His people in the midst of their brokenness to come to Him in true repentance.
  3. That repentance is a godly sorrow over sin as being against Him and at the same time a deepening relationship with him that issues in a new heart of service.
  4. True repentance lived out in service to God and not just out of brokenness is a gift for the community.

Honorary Servants Structure

The SA Foundation ensures that the honorary servant structure for mentoring and training graduated participants and other individuals that have served the Foundation honorably and effectively, is developed and implemented. This structure confirms the SA Foundation’s belief that program participants are the servant leaders of the future and they gladly invite them to fulfill this long-term vision as they become ready to do so.