Atlanta, Georgia Project

atlantaHuman trafficking is brutal and widespread in Georgia

Atlanta is one of the largest hubs for human trafficking in the country. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and those who try to save these girls and boys sold against their will for sex say it happens all around the city, often in plain sight.

Georgia’s State Attorney General Samuel Olens calls human trafficking a brutal, complex and widespread crime. Olens says vulnerable people, often children, are sold and forced to have sex against their will.

In Georgia, it is known there’s a range from 200-300 girls that are trafficked each month in this city. Statistics show these children are lured into this lifestyle as early as the age of 12. Many times they’re runaways. They leave home because something is not healthy at home. There might be neglect, abuse or deprivation and the child looks elsewhere for love.Those who trap these kids know exactly what to say to lure them in, quickly enslaving them. And those who buy these young sex slaves are no better. They are forced to sell themselves between eight and 12 times a night. They don’t get the money, and sometimes they are very deprived, sometimes drugged to stay awake so they can perform more.

It is against this backdrop that a group of individuals decided to take a stand. They have a dream of opening up a farm outside of the city where young women with children can come, receive programming and healing, work in a micro-enterprise, and rebuild their lives. Sacred Roots Farm was formed and they began searching for a successful program model they could duplicate.

The team in Georgia is going to receive their leadership assessment from the SA Foundation in the Fall 2017 and training on the program model will follow early in 2018.
The organization will have a Partnership Level II with the SA Foundation.