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Run 4 Rescue

Saturday Dec 2 @ 9am

Location / Ben Lee Park, Kelowna

A 25HR run is happening at Ben Lee Park in Kelowna. Starting on Saturday Dec 2 at 9am and finishing on Sunday Dec 3 at 10am.

From Savannah Holmes
“It’s easy as a young millennial to say, ‘What difference can I make?’

But we’ve all been given passions, and using them for a purpose higher than self is where true change happens. Athletics and breaking physical limitations is what sets my heart ablaze. And now I use it for the betterment of the world and the people in it. It is love that drives me to undertake these ventures and it is love that sustains throughout them.

The work of the SA Foundation is vital in this world, and if we rally behind them as a community, we can increase their impact around the world. There is no contribution too small, no effort insignificant. It takes each of us, showing up in whatever way we can, to make a difference in the world. And by being a part of this journey, you’ll be making a huge one.”

Who we are R

SA Foundation

The SA Foundation provides long term refuge, recovery and training for women and their children escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Founded in 1984 in Calgary Canada, SA has grown to have partner programs and safe-houses in many countries around the world.

Every year, the SA Foundation hosts community events to bring people together, share ideas, build and collaborate together. Join us.
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