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What is so unique or different about the SA Foundation’s recovery programs (both globally and locally) from other existing recovery programs?
The SA program model has 5 unique aspects that make it unique from any other organization serving this population:

  1. The SA program model is designed to meet the specific recovery needs of sexually exploited/trafficked youth and women through implementing not only a housing program, but by providing a day program with curriculum dealing with their specific recovery needs.
  2. The SA program model is designed to offer long-term services to this population (upwards of 7 years).
  3. The SA program model offers services not only to sexually exploited/ trafficked youth and women, but also provides space for their children.
  4. The SA program model is designed to offer services to trafficked youth and women as they come alongside local sexually exploited youth, women and their children.
  5. The SA program model provides a home-like environment where live-in volunteers share their lives with program participants as if they were their own family members


How long does it usually take for most women to go through your recovery program?
The SA program model is designed to provide ongoing support with increasing levels of independence woven in, for up to 7 years.


Has the Foundation sought government funding? If no, why not?
The SA Foundation does accept government grants that have a specific beginning and end date, providing the grant complements our programming goals. However, the Foundation prefers the community approach to fundraising as we believe that it is each community’s responsibility to provide an avenue of escape to the young women trapped in sexual exploitation in their city.


Why are the names of the women in the recovery program left anonymous?
The SA Foundation believes that each young woman that comes to our recovery centres deserves the right to recover in privacy: Her story belongs to her and should not be used to raise funds for the organization. Each woman deserves the right to leave her past behind her and to move forward into a new life without fearing publicity and exposure of the things she may have done while in sexual exploitation/trafficking. Therefore, the names and identities of all our program participants are kept anonymous and their stories are not used to promote the purposes of the Foundation.


How does the Foundation ‘rescue’ women from sexual exploitation/human trafficking? Do they go into brothels to rescue the women and children?
The SA Foundation does not go into brothels or out to the streets to rescue women as we do not feel this is our role. Rather, we cooperate with local front-line services such as police officers, shelters, street outreach services, etc. who spread the word that recovery is available in our programs for those wishing to escape their lives of abuse. Our programs are only successful with those who desire recovery, and this desire comes for each woman at different times in her life.


How is my donation spent and how much goes towards administration costs and marketing?
The SA Foundation is vigilant in keeping its administration and marketing/fundraising costs well below the national average. Click here for up to date information.


Are all recovery programs run the same in every country?
The SA Foundation provides its program model in 2 different ways: Either through a partnership process, which includes a 10-day internship training in Vancouver or through developing a full franchise model, which includes more in-depth training and supervision. When a full franchise model is formed, the SA Foundation has direct oversight on how the programs are run and offer ongoing training and support.


How much do programs cost per participant?
This depends on which country the program is being run in. However, in Canada the program costs are very low when compared to other services being offered. Visit our section called SROI (Social Return on Investment) for more information:




About the SA Foundation

The SA Foundation provides refuge, training and employment for women escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Together we stand for the freedom, life and liberty of girls and women that have been trafficked. Home Give Our Work
Women and girls escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation are finding healing and transformation with your help and active support. Be inspired. Be inspired.

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