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April 21st, 2022

‘For Hope to Bloom’ she needs Champions!

What does freedom look like? It looks like an individual being able to dream, explore and create in safety. It looks like access to education and opportunities previously denied. It looks like friendships, laughter and love. Many of the women we serve have never got to pursue a hope or a dream. They have been trapped in a life of exploitation, often from a very young age. They need us to help show them that they were made for MORE!

Through our Skill Development and Education Programs, each woman gets to learn and practice new skills to help her realize her full potential. These classes are fun and practical, and help empower her to see and experience more. These 'Bloom Boxes' share with you a piece of her journey, with each item (except the chocolate) being handmade by these courageous survivors. For just $50 (plus taxes) you can buy this gift for a loved one. With Mother's Day coming up on May 8th, what a perfect gift you can share with a mom, mentor, or friend. This gift will bless the woman receiving it and the women who made it.

Help us continue to provide these essential training classes for the women by purchasing a box or donating today!
Click the link to find out more and get your box.
Women and girls escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation are finding healing and transformation with your help and active support. Be inspired. Be inspired.

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