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July 3rd, 2024


In our previous blog, we announced that we are reintroducing the SA Program Model. Our upcoming content will focus on each part of the SA Program Model "5 R's" over the next few months.

The first R stands for "REFUGE."

Every woman deserves a safe place to begin her journey towards healing and recovery. A REFUGE filled with hope and love provides just that. It's where women can take the first step towards reclaiming their lives and rebuilding their futures.

It's not enough just to be rescued; victims of sexual exploitation experience severe PTSD symptoms and are at risk of other mental health problems such as depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, problems with alcohol abuse, and many more.

It's like imprisoning a bird for most of its life; it will forget how to fly. The same thing happens to women who have been subjected to abuse and exploitation. Unless someone takes the time to teach and support them, showing them that they are valued and capable of achieving more, they will remain trapped in their own thoughts, trauma, and false beliefs, making it nearly impossible for them to start a new life.

The SA Foundation empowers and equips leaders worldwide to help women who are victims of sexual exploitation. Our goal is to enable these women to lead fulfilling and dignified lives. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for the women we serve, helping them begin their journey towards healing. Through collaborative efforts with people like you, we aim to provide true freedom to these women.

The SA program model has three distinct stages and boasts a 73% success rate:

1st Stage – Front Line Housing:
Young women start by exiting sexual exploitation and move into front-line housing. In this supportive context, participants develop basic living skills.

2nd Stage – Transitional Housing:
This level of housing aims to increase participants' responsibility and freedom within a monitored environment. A housing Support Worker is on-site to ensure the overall safety and security of the home and offer problem-solving assistance as needed.

3rd Stage – Independent Living:
The objective of the Independent Housing structure is for participants to either move into Phase III housing or move into an apartment in the community at large once they have reached all the markers to ensure a successful transition to independent living.

We aim to expand the SA Program Model globally and grow our SA Global Network. We have a well-documented development process in place for implementing the SA Model. This process begins with reaching out to those willing to start a project. We then assess, train, and develop a local program with the help of local people. As a result, we expand the SA Global Network by sharing stories of trained and empowered leaders, women, and children who have been saved. We build a network of safe refuge places while providing updated training to our network.

Our SA Global Network operates with unwavering strength and determination in crisis zones worldwide. The teams will ensure that women escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation receive the help they require. Here is a short update on our network:

Asia– Our oldest project outside of North America is in Nepal, and it is flourishing. Our newest project in the Philippines finished our comprehensive leadership assessment and plans to launch its project this Fall (2024).

Europe– Hungary is our oldest project in Europe and has just opened a new REFUGE location. We also have projects in Germany, Italy, and Greece.

North America– We have helped start, train, and carry out projects to develop REFUGE homes and apartments in Canada and the US.

Last February, our team finished their assessment and training in the Philippines and went to Nepal for their annual evaluation, training, and certification.

The Philippines:
The team from the Philippines is prepared and enthusiastic about bringing hope and healing to the women they will serve. They plan to launch the project in Fall 2024, and we eagerly anticipate its positive impact on the community. We are thrilled with their progress. The team will continue training until the launch date, and we will provide ongoing mentorship and financial support. We are very excited about that.

The team in Nepal underwent their annual SA Global Network certification. Additionally, they received new training to help them continually deliver the SA Program Model excellently. They are also implementing measures to become more sustainable and offer new services to support their budget.

Please stay tuned and come back here frequently, as we will update the life of the SA Foundation and its Global Network.
Women and girls escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation are finding healing and transformation with your help and active support. Be inspired. Be inspired.

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