The SA Program Model — Restore

“This place has helped restore my self worth, my confidence, relationships, my emotions . I don’t think I would be sober or the parent I am today without this place.” ~ P. (Participant)

Our unique curriculum is delivered through facilitators, and an engaged community who is committed to walking through recovery and life together with each participant.

Specific Needs Addressed in Curriculum:

The SA Program Model is designed to meet the specific recovery needs of sexually exploited/trafficked youth and women. This population faces very different recovery issues than others (i.e. domestic abuse). It is well known throughout the recovery industry that sexually exploited/trafficked youth and women have the highest amount of barriers to overcome. Such barriers include childhood abuse and abandonment, addictions, educational and employment gaps, learning disabilities, fetal alcohol syndrome/effect, and trauma experienced while in the sex trade (which has been assessed to be at the same level as soldiers returning from war). Programs are offered in a non-clinical atmosphere to facilitate the building of relationships and community – two components essential to connecting and integrating this population to the community at large. In addition, intakes are performed on a continuous basis (i.e. potential participants do not need to wait for the next program cycle to begin) because SA has found that there is a small window of opportunity to get these young women attached to a program once they make the initial decision to seek recovery. The program curriculum is also structured to allow entry at any point.

Specialized Program:

The SA Program Model is designed to offer services to both trafficked youth and women and local sexually exploited youth, women and their children. Even if these youth/women do not speak the language of the country in which the program is located, SA programs offer a specialized program where the program delivery is tailored to the needs of the individual. The program emphasis for trafficked women is on learning language skills, dealing with their legal/status issues, and then on their recovery issues. The programs are delivered through community contacts and volunteers under the supervision of a qualified staff. The specialized program is also made available to participants that are sick (terminally or otherwise), that have special learning needs or that are Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effect. Participants in the specialized program still participate in certain classes within the Day Program, however because of their illness or disability they also receive other programming as needed.


As part of the recovery program, the ASK Learning Centre is the daytime program provided to participants from Monday to Friday, 10AM to 4PM. All participants in the program are required to attend the ASK Learning Centre for 1 year to 18 months. The objectives of the program are that participants will be equipped to:

  • Deal with their past issues of abuse
  • Deal with any current addiction issues
  • Learn to engage in healthy relationships
  • Learn to deal with their emotions in a healthy, functioning manner
  • Improve their quality of life
  • Increase their level of self-esteem
  • Learn to parent in a positive manner, breaking the cycle of abuse in the lives of their children
  • Increase their level of education
  • Learn employability skills to move forward with positive action in their lives

The day is divided into 2 segments:

Morning classes focus on Skill Development Levels I and II and include training in sewing, jewelry design, social media & marketing, computers, employment readiness and academics. A training grant for program participants is paid for this portion of learning.

Afternoon classes are focused on recovery and healing through courses such as relapse prevention, practicing the 12-steps, self-esteem, parenting, anger management, etc. This is accomplished through delivery of recovery curriculum in short, interactive classes and recreational and educational outings.

Once participants have reached Level II of the Skill Development program, they will be provided with additional training to be able to create products for sale in the SA Foundation’s Global Wonders initiative. If participants no longer wish to sew or take computers at this time, they can swap them for educational upgrading if their goal is to pursue post-secondary education. Afternoons in the recovery programming are still mandatory in this level.


The onsite parent  support centre is a necessary program component as it fosters a healthy mother and child attachment and provides a loving, non-judgmental environment for mothers and children to grow and heal.

The purpose of the centre is to:

  • Provide children whose moms are involved in Phase I housing and day programs with a safe and loving environment to grow and develop.
  • Provide gentle and non-judgmental parenting support and guidance to program participants involved in Phase I
  • Provide a schedule that stimulates and encourages growth for children to meet their developmental milestones
  • Ensure that appropriate behaviour management techniques are used with children are taught to moms as needed

While participating in the ASK Learning Centre, participants can place their children in the onsite parent support centre free of charge.


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