SA World Services Division Introduction

Through its World Services Division, the SA Foundation provides a legacy of hope to survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking by planting its program and training leaders in cities and countries worldwide so that these young women can find an exit from the sex trade and begin rebuilding their lives.

The SA Foundation does this in two ways:

  1. We plant our program model, which includes leadership screening and assessment, training on governance structures, core values, operational structures and program delivery, in developed, under-developed and developing countries. When the SA program model is planted in under-developed and developing countries, the SA Foundation may provide funding for the first 5 years of development and then re-assesses the needs after this time.
  2. We provide partnership agreements to existing charitable organizations that wish to provide the SA program model to their clientele. An internship program is offered to partners at the World Services headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.

Through these means the SA Foundation is reaching out to young women across the globe, offering them hope and a future free of exploitation!

Vision of the World Services Division

The vision of the SA World Services Division is to translate the objects of the SA Foundation into charitable activities that facilitate sexually exploited/trafficked children, youth and women’s inclusion into mainstream society.

Mission of the World Services Division

  1. To equip those involved within the SA Foundation and within charitable partner organizations with a greater understanding of the recovery processes and difficulties encountered by sexually exploited/trafficked children, youth and women when they attempt to change their way of life.
  2. To equip those involved within the SA Foundation and within charitable partner organizations to become efficient, knowledgeable, effective,  more compassionate and healthier caregivers as they provide program participants with stable and secure environments in which programs and services (specifically tailored to their unique recovery needs) are delivered to facilitate their inclusion into mainstream society.
  3. To sensitize and promote the SA Foundation’s vision and mission for the purpose of fighting the sex trade industry while generating awareness of the special needs of sexually exploited/trafficked children, youth and women and by asserting that prostitution IS sexual exploitation.

The SA World Services Division delivers its programs and activities through two distinct departments and one related business initiative:

  • The EduCentre Department
    The vision of the EduCentre department is to affect change regarding the issues of recovery from sexual exploitation and trafficking and to provide effective education and training to charitable SA franchises/partner organizations.
  • The Centre for Servant Leadership Development
    The vision of the Centre for Servant Leadership Development is to facilitate the spiritual formation of servant leaders, ensuring that their knowledge, skills and character continue to develop as effective leaders, equipping them to serve SA program participants with knowledge and understanding of the recovery process they undergo.
  • Turning Point Ventures International
    The vision of Turning Point Ventures International is to seek to improve the level of social responsibility in its community by operating in a socially responsible business manner, and by conducting all business initiatives with a vision of building healthy communities.