SA World Services Division Introduction

Through its World Services Division, the SA Foundation provides training to national and international leaders to implement the SA program model.

The World Services Division does this in two ways:

  1. We plant our program model, which includes leadership screening and assessment, training on governance structures, core values, operational structures and program delivery, in developed, under-developed and developing countries. When the SA program model is planted in under-developed and developing countries, the SA Foundation may provide funding for the for program development and then re-assesses the needs after this time.
  2. We provide partnership agreements to those that implement the SA program model.


Partnership with the SA Foundation can take three different levels as shown in the chart below and the individual partnership levels are compared to show the difference. Each level increases the level of services offered to the partner organization by the SA Foundation, as well as the level of relationship and interaction. If you are considering a partnership with us, please read through the document carefully as you make your decision.

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