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Would you like to join us in prayer? We believe prayer is an incredibly important part of our ministry and we are grateful that so many of you wish to partner with us in this way.

Our prayer blog is a way for us to share with you prayer requests from our programs all over the globe. There you will see special, personal requests as well as short reflections from program leaders about what it’s like to work in recovery in every country. We know that you are praying with us and we believe that it is an extremely important part of our work.

Because our prayer requests include sensitive and confidential information, access is currently only available by invitation. If you’d like to access our prayer blog, please email us with a brief introduction about who you are, and also who you know in our organization.

If your request is accepted, you’ll be emailed by our Prayer Coordinator who will instruct you on how to access our prayer requests. Thank you to those of you who have joined with us in prayer since the start! Prayer works!