Communicar Seminar

The very first step to combat any social issue is to become educated about it. How do young girls end up in the sex trade? What happens to them when they are there? How do they get out? What does recovery look like for them? What about their children?

These are all questions that the Communicar Seminar will answer.

This course will give you a deeper education about the root causes, warning signs, dynamics and recovery issues involved when women are sexually exploited or trafficked. It will give you the tools to help young girls you may know avoid the schemes of pimps and traffickers, who lurk in junior and high schools looking for vulnerable girls. It will also help you to speak effectively about the cause to others so that more people can join in this fight.

In addition, very in-depth information is provided about the tragic effects of legalization and decriminalization in countries that have adopted these laws – very valuable information considering governments are being approached by individuals wishing to see a legalized sex industry!

You will also learn about one country that went against 30 years of legalization and offered an alternative, effectively reducing sexual exploitation and trafficking in their country!

Seminar Description

The Communicar Seminar can be taken in two different formats: Either in an online learning environment or by booking a conference.

The online learning format offers a course of approximately 6 hours duration, with eight short chapters that provide detailed information about:

  • Statistics and information about the cause of sexual exploitation and trafficking
  • Contributing factors to sexual exploitation
  • Recruitment, entrapment & traffickings
  • Warning signs that a child or teen is being targeted by a pimp or trafficker
  • The realities of street life
  • What the beliefs are of men who sexually exploit women
  • The effects of legalization
  • Issues surrounding recovery from sexual exploitation
  • The needs of women entering recovery
  • The recovery programs of the SA Foundation
  • The SA Foundation’s vision for long-term sustainability
  • How you can get involved through the A.C.T. Strategy

The in-person conference is conducted in a very interactive learning format and is an excellent way to involve and educate your community.

To sign up for the online learning course, simply click on the “Make a Donation” button and pay by Visa or Mastercard. The online course costs $90.00 per person (group discounts are available). Be sure and put “Communicar Seminar” in the comments box and once your payment is received you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to take the course.

If you desire to organize a one-day conference in your city or town, please contact us to get started!

“This course is certainly worth it! Excellent points and shocking statistics backed up by reliable sources.” Susan M., LCSW, San Diego, CA

“This course promotes a deeper awareness of the issues and problems facing young women and children who are drawn into a life of exploitation. It deepened my awareness about the vulnerability of victims and I learned that it is sexual abuse of incredible magnitude!” Shirley S., Calgary, AB

“The Communicar Seminar opened my eyes to the sexual  slavery being conducted in our own country.  I learned just how girls, right in our high schools, are lured into a life of trauma. Children and women are trafficked to and from Developed and Developing countries. If you are a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, or foster guardian, you need to take this course.”  Edi G., Debolt, AB