Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Cost Effectiveness of the SA Franchise Model for Developed Countries:

In the year 2000, “A Home Away Treatment Centre” in the Okanagan Valley (Canada) averaged its cost for a core thirty day drug & alcohol treatment program to be $8,945.00 per person, the cost of keeping a person incarcerated during the same year according to the Elizabeth Fry Society’s information cost $9,490.00/month and the cost of keeping a person on the streets in Vancouver according to VanCity’s training course on social enterprise (offered in 2012) is over $80,000.00 per person, per year.

Each year the SA Foundation’s Board of Trustees calculates the Social Return on Investment for the past year.

The SA Foundation’s SROI per program participant in Vancouver is $2,850.00/month.

This comparatively small amount of money gives each young woman coming to an SA program a way out of enslavement and provides a safe environment for herself and her child.

The Board of Trustees also evaluates yearly the effectiveness of each SA development by doing program reviews and training, thoroughly analyzing Formal Agreements that are in place.