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…Holding the key that will literally rewrite the stories of countless young women and children globally who are victims of human trafficking!

It’s simple and affordable. For just $25 per month, you can be one of the first 100 new members of The Liberty Collective! This provision will ensure these women and children’s security and the long term sustainability of our organization globally.


Who is The Liberty Collective?
The Liberty Collective consists of a group of passionate individuals or groups committed to the continued success of the outstanding SA Foundation program model delivery by donating monthly, literally saving the lives of countless young women and their children enslaved in the sex trade globally.


Why join The Liberty Collective?
By becoming a monthly donor, you can help to sustain the current programs and perpetuate the ever-expanding demand for our SA Foundation program model in countless communities around the world, while allowing our teams to focus on our mission rather than continually worrying about fund development. As a member of The Liberty Collective you will receive exclusive updates highlighting the direct impact of your investment.


Facts about the SA Foundation Program Model 

  • The SA Program Model generates a consistent success rate of over 70% for those completing a minimum of 3-years
  • The global social impact has a ripple effect, evidenced by the positive community impact and increasing demand for our programs
  • The SA Program Model offers a higher return on investment, costing only 25% of the amount of keeping these young women in jail and 30% of the cost of keeping them on the streets
  • The SA Program Model is currently delivered in 7 countries and with a consistent revenue stream we can address the ongoing demand for access to our programs globally

How will my monthly contribution impact the lives of these young women and their children as they recover from enslavement?

  • Refuge – A safe place for them to belong
  • Restore – Specialized programs for them to heal
  • Reintegrate – A nurturing environment for them to learn skills for life
  • Rewrite – A strong community continually championing her
  • Replicate – Intensive training for the SA Partners who care for them in our national and international programs

Join today as an individual or group!

Yes, I want to join The Liberty Collective as a monthly donor. Click here to begin rewriting their stories today!

For more information, please contact: 

About the SA Foundation

The SA Foundation provides refuge, training and employment for women escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Together we stand for the freedom, life and liberty of girls and women that have been trafficked. Home Give Our Work
Women and girls escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation are finding healing and transformation with your help and active support. Be inspired. Be inspired.

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