FOS Discipleship Program

The SA Formation of Servants is a unique discipleship program that integrates the study of Scriptures with the practice of the Scriptural 12-Steps of recovery*.
The SA Formation of Servants takes place within small group interaction and the fellowship of a caring community where disciples become comfortable in being transparent before God and each other. In the process of this group interaction, they will grow spiritually and emotionally.
The intended outcome of the program is:

  1. That disciples will have their personal walk with Christ deepened, thus enhancing the quality of their own lives and their service to others.
  2. That in the process of recovery they will have identified and accepted responsibility for their part in the things in their lives that have made it unmanageable.
  3. That they will have differentiated the unmanageable things in their lives that are their responsibility and those that are not their responsibility, and moved toward forgiveness of those who have wronged or hurt them.
  4. It also equips them with tools to improve their relationships with others in their family, friends, work, church and neighbourhood environments, where they desire to: “Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God.” [Micah 6:8]

Is the course for you?

  • Do you struggle with repeated moral failures in your life?
  • In your relationship with others, do you find yourself either caring too much or too little about what they think of you?
  • When you are in the wrong, do you find it easier to shift the blame or your responsibility, or to ask for forgiveness promptly?
  • Have significant others caused personal harm in such a way that the pain touches all areas of your life?
  • When confronted by authority figures, do you get defensive or do you comply and feel used?
  • In addressing the hungers (desires) in your life, do you turn to people, places or things beside God as a source of relief and satisfaction?
  • Does your shame cause you to experience a sense of alienation from God and isolation from others?
  • These are just a few questions you might want to consider when deciding whether or not the Formation of Servants is a program that could help you in your growth process.

The SA Formation Servants is a forty week journey that encourages course participants to be willing to have God heal their past, to submit their present to His loving authority, and to entrust their future to His mercy and grace. It also guides course participants to turn to God as their source for love, security and acceptance.

In the SA Formation of Servants course participants gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of servanthood, personal recovery and community and begin the course by asking themselves what it means to call Jesus their Lord and Saviour.
The SA Formation of Servants invites course participants to hear the Holy Spirit in their present life circumstances and to become comfortable in being transparent with God, themselves and others in the following process:

  • Bottoming Out (Step 1)
  • Reaching out to God (Step 2)
  • Making the decision, once again, to turn over one’s life to God (Step 3)
  • Fearlessly assessing one’s life (Step 4)
  • Confessing one’s wrongs (Step 5)
  • Getting ready for change (Step 6)
  • Understanding the difference between humility and humiliation in making the decision to change (Step 7)
  • Becoming ready to make amends to those harmed through selfish desires (Step 8)
  • Wisely making amends to those harmed through selfish desires (Step 9)
  • Maintaining recovery (Step 10)
  • Deepening one’s relationship with God– Desiring to do His will rather than one’s own will (Step 11)
  • Sharing spiritual awakenings and recovery from selfish desires with others; Having taken the decision to walk the talk (Step 12)

*Adapted from A.A.

Choice of learning style
There are several ways to work through the Formation of Servants. Each method takes into consideration the best process of learning for the individual taking it. The question to ask yourself is – What is the best learning experience you have had? What made it such a good experience for you? From this what would you say would be the ideal learning environment for you?

  1. FOS living groups. Small groups of 8-10 individuals committed to growing together in transparency, honesty, vulnerability and community with each other. This process is guided by a group facilitator who has become a practitioner of the FOS. The groups meet weekly for 2 hours to share what has been studied and worked through in the previous week. There is a format and a leader’s guide for the development and leadership of these FOS groups. The cost of the course in this format is $100 and includes all materials. Dates, times and locations will be published in newsletters, and in online calendars of events.
  2. FOS individual study. Individuals purchase the study manuals from our online store; these include FOS volumes 1-2 and the Serenity Bible. Each week’’s study will be submitted to the Director of Mentorship at the Centre for Servant Leadership Development for response and feedback before moving onto the next lesson or step. The cost of the course in this format is $200 and includes all materials.

All money raised resulting from the purchase of the SA Formation of Servants material is reinvested into the SA Foundation to support our mandate of fighting sexual exploitation and trafficking of youth, women and their children.

The Individual Journey
Those interested are welcome to purchase individual copies of the SA Formation of Servants program. To enroll in the SA Formation of Servants please email

Starting an SA Formation of Servants Community
The SA Formation of Servants groups are designed to be led by Christian leaders who have made a personal commitment to become an active disciple of the Lord Jesus. Therefore, to start up an SA Formation of Servants group such leaders will need to:

  • Have a signed letter of reference from their Pastor/Ministry Leader attesting to their own leadership involvement and abilities
  • Have completed a 40-week Formation of Servants program
  • Register their group with the World Services Division of the SA Foundation (SAF)
  • Purchase the SA Formation of Servants material
  • Sign copyright agreements and statement of faith (SAF adheres to the Nicene/Apostles Creed)

“We, who are taking the SA Formation of Servants, came because we finally gave up trying to control our lives. We still struggle to admit that God is in control of how our lives unfold. In the gospel we heard how we had a problem (sin) and how God has addressed that problem (Jesus) and how we can come to enjoy restoration and recovery by the Holy Spirit (sanctification).”