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Join our team as a volunteer and help end human trafficking!
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Volunteer with Us!

Thank you for your interest in The SA Foundation and in becoming part of the global effort to resist the sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children and to assist those who have been victimized by these crimes. If you would like to become a volunteer with us here at the SA Foundation, please click the button below to fill out the application form. Once we have received it we will follow up with you shortly for a chat with our Director of Mentorship and Community Development and/or their appointee who will help guide you through the steps to become a volunteer with us.  We will do our best to honour your time, talents and commitment by matching your gifts with our needs. Thank you for your desire to join our community and see the captives set free.

*Due to the long-term relational nature of our programs, access to serve the women will not be part of the initial volunteering opportunities, but as we get to know you and your areas of interest this may change. Please note for any volunteering role with direct contact with the women and children we serve, you will need further screening (including a police check and additional training)*

Volunteer Application Form

About the SA Foundation

The SA Foundation provides refuge, training and employment for women escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Together we stand for the freedom, life and liberty of girls and women that have been trafficked. Home Give Our Work
Women and girls escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation are finding healing and transformation with your help and active support. Be inspired. Be inspired.

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